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Hollow's Hotel [Trailer] Hollow's Hotel [Trailer]

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Hell yes!

Well, you already know my opinion on the matters, but I might as say again: that was fucking awesome. Considering this is one of the first times I've heard you mix audio exclusively, I'm incredibly pleased. Everything just flowed together and felt like a natural city transitioning into a hotel. You added as much detail as you could to the audio and it really showed itself off in a spectacular way. I can't stress how impressed I am.

On the other hand, you expressed a perfectly sly, soft-spoken innkeeper! I honestly felt chills going up my spine listening to the voice, you truly expressed that mysterious aura. Not to mention, the maniacal episodes the innkeeper had were emoted without flaw. I could really feel the emotion, man. Spectacular job.

As for myself, I had a lot of fun recording for this and it's great to finally expand on my range. Not to mention, I've never yelled like the way I did for this in a long time for a production. I feel like I did a pleasant job as well, and I'm heavily satisfied with the end result all around. Just spectacular, man. I hope you will be able to write a full version eventually, I'm totally up for it. (:

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