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New demo reel!

2010-10-21 13:42:15 by InstraClassic

Welp. Today is definitely a happy day! Seeing as I'm planning to become more active on Newgrounds, I decided to completely update my demo reel. You should totally check it out! You should also travel on over to Seymour's NG account, because he mixed it and is a fascinating audio mixer.

In other news:

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I never update this bloody thing.

2010-10-19 15:44:18 by InstraClassic

Well, I never really update this bloody blog thing, but I thought I would to keep an update on a few projects and whatnot. As a forewarning for those who are concerned, I'm going to be posting quite a few audio submissions of skits. AND, I will be updating my demo reel because I feel as if my current one just doesn't really ... reflect so to speak. So, expect quite a lot of audio submissions in the future.

Also, I recently provided some voice work for a friend of mine, Patrick Seymour, for a project of his. This project was for his audio/video production class and seeing as Halloween is approaching, it's hitting two birds with one stone, eh? I love the concept and I had a lot of fun recording this. If Patrick gets enough motivation, there MAY BE a full version. So, please, check it out!

Now, I'm going to fly away now.

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Talk to you all later,

Oh boy.

2010-05-08 05:56:29 by InstraClassic

Well, it seems that I've subjected myself to even more peer pressure and have gone with a Newgrounds account. It seems that a few friends of mine such as Y. Chang had accounts like these, so why not give it a shot? Not to mention, I'm starting to like the forums around. Eccentric, quite like myself.

Anyways, hope to see you guys around. I'm sure this'll be a trip I never regret.